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Next Level Success University envisions offering relevant education and coaching opportunities for those looking to develop themselves personally and/or professionally. Our goal is to provide exposure and access to education opportunities that will equip our students to experience next level success for themselves and their families.




Next Level Success University’s mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to live their best lives by exposing them to education, resources, and opportunities that will positively change the trajectory of their finances and assist them with leaving a legacy for their families. 


Next Level Success University: The DNA


Next Level Success University offers courses for entry level entrepreneurs and individuals who are seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge on a personal and/or business level.  We specialize in offering masterminds, short term career training,  and single courses in entrepreneurship, motivation/mindset, and workforce development.  Our goal is to meet our clients where they are, provide the training and coaching that will propel them into next level success. Here is a partial list of the great courses to come: 


-Small Business 101: Ignite Your Inner CEO

-The Quick & Dirty Guide to Entrepreneurship

-The Goal Digger’s Play Book

-Real Estate: Keys To Home Ownership

-Professional Development Courses: Time Management, Leadership Basics, Mastering the Art of Communication, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Adapting to Change, Interpersonal Skills

Classes will be offered face-to-face and virtually. Stay tuned!


Contact Dr. Rhonda for more information about Next Level Success University.

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